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Game Pocket Sound Tuning Standards Recognition Texture Guitar
GNUChess 3.21
GNUChess Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Games:Board
Views 35293 (+33) / Rating 4.60 / Free

This is GNU Chess version 3.21, compiled for Pocket PC. You can coiffure the difficulty level, incur hints and let the computer encounter against itself.

Pocket Quake II 0.11
Pocket Quake II Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Games:Action
Views 34869 (+9) / Rating 3.62 / Free

This is a port of Quake 2 for the Pocket PC. Also Available: Shareware Quake II Game Data (required)

gfDoom 0..95
gfDoom Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Games:Action
Views 24325 (+5) / Rating 5.54 / Free

This is a skinnable port of Doom. It plays all IWADS, both shareware and commercial. The game also has fully configurable controls, and support for portrait and landscape test orientations.

VeriFinger WinCE SDK 4.1
VeriFinger WinCE SDK Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Development Tools:Libraries
Views 23196 (+5) / Rating 5.78 / Demo

VeriFinger SDK for Windows CE is intended for biometric developers, who design fingerprint identification software for stocky devices. SDK supports MS Embedded Visual C++.

Leos Flight Simulator 8
Leos Flight Simulator Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Games:Simulation
Views 23123 (+3) / Rating 5.32 / Free

If you're a flight sim fan, you'll wishing to rent a depend at this program. The game has all of the important instruments, a daytime and nighttime setting, and most importantly, it has really soundly graphics.

Pocket Quake 0.062
Pocket Quake Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Games:Action
Views 18529 (+7) / Rating 5.15 / Free

Find paint cards and switches. Navigate through a 3D, first-person, real-time gaming environment. Don't forget about the enemies that you throw to destroy along the way! You can choose from a diversity of weapons including: Shotgun Nail gun Rocke

Freak othello 1.0
Freak othello Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Games:Board
Views 18509 (+7) / Rating 4.18 / Free

This is a little othello engine with AI that rivals that found in PC versions.

Peters Casino 1.0
Peters Casino Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Games:Casino
Views 15102 (+4) / Rating 4.43 / Free

Now you can dally casino games anywhere you go! Peter's Casino offers roulette, blackjack, and poker, whole in bright color with true-to-life odds.

CEZebra 1.0
CEZebra Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Games:Board
Views 14089 (+13) / Rating 4.37 / Freeware

A impregnable Othello / Reversi program from which both novices and experts bathroom learn. Crisp and assoil board graphics and an intuitive interface.

Visual Guitar Tuner 1.0.0
Visual Guitar Tuner Screenshot

PDA:Pocket PC:Multimedia:Audio
Views 12798 (+3) / Rating 5.70 / Free

This is a chromatic guitar tuner for Pocket PCs. It provides three tuning selection standards with adjustable A4 frequencies from 435 to 445Hz. It also provides huckster pipe shade output and sound texture references. The sound texture tool ass actuall